Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday - Spring - Texas State Park - Sunny and going to be warm

Balmorhea State Park

The sun is shining, the sky is clear and blue and BIG, campers are stirring and coffee odor fills the air.  Ah, it's morning in Texas.  The birds are chirping and Lincoln is outside on his tether taking it all in - whiskers twitching, he imagines he's a big cat ready for the hunt.  However, breakfast for him will be the "Purina" bird!

Eleanor, the rescued feral kitty, has shown absolutely no interest in leaving the comfortable confines of her home on wheels.  She has her favorite perches:  the covered range top, the loft and behind the drivers' seat when we're traveling.  All three animals want to be with me in the cab while we're driving; so, Lacy is in the passenger's seat, Lincoln is always on my lap and Eleanor is either on my lap or  between the two seats - all sleep 99.9% of the trip.

Finished another of Rosamund Pilcher's novels about Cornwall, England, Coming Home, 725 pages of the warm and interesting family tales of pre, during and post World War II England.  I love her books, my favorite still being The Shell Seekers.

I'd brought several books and have picked up some along the way on this adventure.  I just started reading Nicholas Evans, The Loop:  A Novel; I'm fascinated by wolves and this promises to be a good read.  I'd read his earlier novel, The Horse Whisperer, many years ago and enjoyed that too.  It's interesting that Mr. Evans is an English writer - he's gleaned so much knowledge of our American heritage, etc.

Today will be a day of relaxation; I'll take a few walks, visit with a few, mostly Texan, campers and who knows what else.  I have done a paradigm shift in my life - I no longer need lots of activities planned to know I'm going to enjoy the day.  What a concept!

Yup, that's just what I'm doing - relaxing and reading and enjoying my air conditioned RV - as it's about 90 degrees outside.  This is desert country:  dry, hot and windy.  Lacy and I did a jog/bike this morning before it got too hot and she's been sleeping ever since!

I'm also doing a little research on how I want to spend the next two weeks - working my way to LA for Addison's graduation - 2 weeks from today.  From here Renate and I are planning to get to New Mexico tomorrow for a stay at Leasburg Dam State Park outside of Las Cruces on the Rio Grande - about 250 miles.   250 miles per every other day is just about as busy as I want to be - driving.  Since I don't have to be in a rush, I say, why make the driving more work?

            8:45PM         Sunset over the desert - Balmorhea State Park, Texas

Photo taken from my RV - shortly after I took the photo Renate came to tell me there was lightning in the middle of the cloud formation.  I saw the lightning several times but wasn't quick enough to get a shot of it - also, interestingly, there was no thunder!  Hmmm