Thursday, April 4, 2013

Short story - inspiration to start writing my life adventures for my grandchildren

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I read a short story today by Maria Ruiz.  Ted and Maria are friends of Fred and Barb who have been living in Puerto Vallarta for the last several years, after having traveled around the world for about ten years.  They belong to a writers’ group there in PV and both have had their work published.  I bought a book of short stories while I was at their house but haven’t really started reading it yet.  Maria emailed the short story that had appeared in an online publication; I can’t remember the name but it’s in my email for when I get back to the wi-fi zone to read emails tomorrow morning.

I enjoyed the story, mainly because it sparked my brain to consider writing about some of my interesting / funny experiences with food and cooking.  Her story was about one of her aunts – who had a “secret recipe” for making light, fluffy, delicious flour tortillas – and Maria spent decades, along with her aunt’s 8 sisters, trying to figure out the ‘secret’ to the  fabulous tortillas.  Finally, after literally decades, one aunt visited the aforementioned successful tortilla maker.  She sneaked out of the house in the morning and surreptitiously spied through the kitchen window.  The ‘secret’ ingredient:  BISQUICK!!!  I enjoyed the simplicity and humor in the story and will start to collect some memories to share via vignettes…..
*MP Specials
*pasta gravy with Annette’s mom
*apple streudel with Linda Pond’s mom


  1. This actually occurred while I was in Vila Cornona - trying to get this blog organized after the fact can be confusing!