Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Tuesday - must be New Mexico

First of all, here are a couple of pix I took last night of the new Daphne Dolphin reorganization project #453!:

This is the 'loft' area with the center section removed - all storage is around the periphery.  The pink drapes are closed most of the time, hiding this storage area.  Believe it or not, I can access any little thing in less than 10 seconds.  The bin on the left has gifts for grandchildren;  behind it, extra toiletries; the green bag is books and books; orange printed material covering toaster oven; blue tote shoes; red and white bag clothes I didn't need!; dog carrier; more winter clothes I needed in CA in January; front right extra afghans and handmade table bought in Mexico.

This is a view looking down from the 'living room' to the cab area (with the center loft section gone) - it's much easier to get back and forth from cab to living room now!

April 30, 2013  Leasburg Dam State Park to Rock Hound State Park, New Mexico


We said 'adios' this morning to Renate; she's heading to City of Rocks SP and the 'kids' and I drove to Rock Hound State Park.  Renate has lots of time to get back to her base in Casa Grande, Arizona, so we may or may not see each other again for a while.  It's been fun keeping a communication going these last several weeks.  We're both pretty darn independent, but  we've enjoyed getting to know one another.

Yup, Rock Hound SP is just what the name indicates; there are several campers here and it looks to me like most are 'rock hounds.'  The park ranger encourages rock hounds to dig to their hearts content.  Each visitor is allowed to carry out up to fifteen pounds of rocks!  Well, somebody else can dig and carry out my 15 pounds!

The drive from Leasburg Dam SP was less than a hundred miles - very easy - on I-10.  And, along the way we stopped at a Love's (total car and truck care stop) where unleaded gas is selling for $3.13/gallon.  Pretty good; too bad my Daphne Dolphin only holds about 14 and a half gallons!

We drove in here about 11:30.  It's HOT, DRY and WINDY!  From time to time the wind gusts rock the parked RV - it's pretty serious wind!  Lacy and I have gone out for a couple of walks and photo shoots, but it's lots more comfortable inside with the air on.

I've spent some time this afternoon getting overnight and visit stops lined up for the rest of the trip home - via LA for the Addison Mae Duane Graduation Show.  I'm very excited to see my little Addy, who had a terrible time as a toddler with pronouncing the hard 'c' or 'k' sound.  When it was cold, she wore a t-o-a-t.  And, she lived in Tin- Tuty (Kentucky).  Boy how the time flies - she's 21, a woman, a university graduate, and a Teach For America in Denver teacher, beginning in about a month.

Here are some pix of another desert State Park.....

Taken from my site out towards the visitor center.

 A little closer to those impressive boulder formations

 A couple of pix of Daphne Dolphin rocking gently in the breeze!

Last night and during the drive here I have been listening to "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer - much food for thought.  My friend, George, recommended it; we'll discuss it in our phone and email conversations.

Although I'm not a big fan of wind - I've taken several walks this afternoon around the park.  There are so many different an wonderful cacti - hopefully, before I leave tomorrow, I'll get some nice photos.  Some I've never seen before.  They've done a very nice job of landscaping with the native plants and rocks / boulders.

Here are a few more pix....

 Sunset over the desert once more - with telephone lines!

 Looking towards the visitor center at sunset.  The rock formations are amazing

Of course Lincoln wanted to play outside - so while he was out on his leash this kitty came to visit

On one of my strolls I spoke with the man next door, who was cleaning some of his 'finds' this afternoon.  He showed me his rose quartz and explained how one goes about rock hounding.  He's really wanting to find one (or more) of New Mexico's black opals.  Hmmm.