Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lost kitty. dust buster wind and need for more attitude adjustments.....

Saturday 3/23/13

Today started out badly; Lincoln went out last night and didn’t return.  I called and called throughout the night but no Lincoln.  About midnight I heard cats screeching and thought it was my little kitty in a fight, even though he’s neutered.  With the two mama cats and their kittens all nearby, I know the papa will attack to keep other males away.  I don’t know if Lincoln comes off as a male since he was neutered so young, but I feared for him.  I also know that cats will be cats and they do disappear and get killed rather easily.  One of the mama cats had five kittens and it looks like she only has one left – about 4 weeks old.  That’s the way of the wild.

I decided I wanted to stick around the RV in case he returned so didn’t go into Valle de Juarez with others to the Saturday mercado.  I watched DVDs and finished a book I’d borrowed from sister-in-law, Barb, “The Midwife’s Confession,” by Diane Chamberlain.  It was excellent.  I would leave it in the community room but want to see if Kari might like to read it – mothers, daughters, husbands, sisters, friends and lovers.  Really a moving story and very thought provoking.

This afternoon I did laundry and continually looked for signs of Lincoln – nothing.  It was very disturbing that the Pemex gas station construction crew were dumping load after load of dirt in the field right outside the RV park’s rock wall.  If Lincoln had, in fact, been injured, they may have inadvertently buried him under tons of dirt.  Back and forth I walked every 30 minutes or so, calling, “Lincoln.  Lincoln.”

As it got closer to the time of departure for the wedding this afternoon, I didn’t want to leave, just in case Lincoln crawled home. At around 6 I took Lacy out for a poop walk past our little shower room next to the field where they’d been dumping dirt all day.  As I was returning to the RV,  I once again called Lincoln – lo and behold, he came over the rock wall, sauntering along as if he’d been gone 15 minutes!  Dusty looking from the dumped dirt – not one injury that I can see – he’s already sitting by the door, anxious to head out as it’s getting dark – his romping time.  I’ve put his blue leash on him so I can ‘catch’ him more easily if/when he tries to escape outside for another night on the town.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that the last three days have been extremely windy, called “dust buster” wind; I mean really windy.  One of the new campers,  Marsha from San Jose, CA, Terry from Vancouver ‘area,’ and Diane, from Quebec all had stories about the wind - Terry said one of their camping chairs blew all the way across the park.  I’m hoping there’ll be a change soon; I have to admit that WIND, unrelenting, does affect my mood.  Hmmm?  Another opportunity to change my attitude and modus operendi about things I can’t change!