Thursday, April 18, 2013

Travel Day - Matehuala to Saltillo

4/18/13 Thursday

After my wayward kitty decided to saunter back in the RV last night, I felt very relaxed about this portion of the trip north.  I'm not going to leave until about 11 as it's only 253 Km (158 miles) and it'll be easy, I hope, as it's all cuota (toll roads).  So I'm relaxing with a cup of Mexican coffee brewed in my new coffeepot - after having broken the carafe of my old pot last week.  Of course, it's not possible, probably anywhere in Mexico as far as I know, to replace only the carafe!

As for yesterday - it truly was a rest day - I didn't even leave the RV section of the hotel grounds!  If somebody had told me, before I retired, that I'd love an OFF day, I'd have vehemently disagreed.  Spare time, or left-over time, meant:  time to think of a project to do!  Yeah for retirement - I have lots of energy but don't have to be DOING something every moment.

One last note on Las Palmas Midway Hotel and RV Park - it cost about $300 pesos / day > $25.00.  That's a little steep.  It has no shade in the RV park but the hook ups are good and the entire area is blacktop with grassy areas around the periphery for dogs, etc.  There is a walking / bike path but it goes outside the fenced park area and is quite lonely.  It also looks like there may be some evidence of 'camping' out there.  I wouldn't walk very far out on my own - certainly not in the evening or night.  The shower / bath rooms are clean and there's hot water.  Garbage container is directly in front of the bathrooms.  There's only one bath for men and one for women; but since Renate and I are the only people here it's not a problem.  I'd expect it to be a pretty crowded if the place had lots of RVs.

I may well be boon-docking when I arrive in Saltillo (actually outside the city - good for RVs to not have to negotiate these narrow Mexican streets in most pueblos and ciudades.  I haven't done much boon-docking and looking for dump stations, etc.  Well, I need to get used to it since I want to boon-dock in the US National Parks and Forests.