Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hacienda Contreras - after 24 hours

3/10/13    Sunday  

I’ve been here about 24 hours and am really enjoying this park and locale.   This morning Barb, the owner, took me into Valle de Juarez – a regular middle-class working Mexican town / pueblo.  The streets are clean, yards are well-kept, people friendly and helpful.  There do not appear to be 'street people' and certainly not many gringos.  Barb Contreras is an American lady who met, fell in love and married Sal when he went to Chicago to work many years and five daughters ago.  They, of course, came home to visit his relatives (there are hundreds!) every year; then decided to retire here after Sal worked for the Chicago Transit Athority for about 35 years and Barb retired from nursing.  The property for the RV park

We went to a real Mexican grocery store – that in some respects is better stocked than Walmart!  Oh, and the Central Park/Plaza is beautiful – bright white wrought iron park benches, a gazebo for music, etc, beautifully landscaped and tended.  I will go back to this area to take pictures and get the lay of the land.  There is a good carnecería enfrente del Parque Central [meat market across the street from the central plaza] – supposed to have really good meat.  But today is Sunday, so I bought some frozen ready made hamburgers and some sliced ham.  I made tostadas for lunch with refried beans, green salsa, cheddar cheese and avocado.  Pretty good on store bought baked corn tortillas.

When I got home I did a load of laundry in a brand new washing machine [$15 – 90 cents] and hung the clothes to dry in this high altitude (6,000 + feet) breezy sunshiny day; the clothes were dry without wrinkles in less than 2 hours!  A few new people arrived today – one couple, Dale and Judy, who recognized me from Mazatlan!  I made the decision to stay for at least a week - $750 pesos – about $60!!!  Wow – and it’s so clean and quiet and great.  I’m looking forward to exploring Mazamitla and Valle de Juarez more thoroughly.  Maybe I’ll hire a cab.  

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