Saturday, April 6, 2013

Monday rambling .... What do I really need to be a real RVer?

Monday 3/18/13

Today Sal and Barb took a group of us (Dale, Judy, Jerry, Paula, Peter, Madeline and me) to Sahuayo de Morelos, about a 45 minute drive to the East and a tad North.  It is the largest city for shopping in this region actually located in the state of Michocan.  We went to shop at Bodega Aurrera (owned by Walmart).  There’s also a Soriana and lots and lots of smaller shops and businesses.  I bought a hand-held vacuum (Mexican brand:  Koblenz) for the Dolphin (still need a name for her) and some more plastic storage containers, bungie cords, non-alcoholic beer (Sol) and a few supplies.

They had wanted to take us to a very nice restaurant right off the central park but it was closed – because it's Monday  and it's also a holiday [not sure what holiday]; so, instead we stopped in a little very simple restaurant with a limited menu of “tortas,” kind of a grilled sandwich reminiscent of a panini.  I had bistec (carne de res), shredded beef that was absolutely delicious with cheese, tomatoes, avocados and sliced pickled carrots with jalapeño, served on a flat darkly browned roll and freshly squeezed orange juice to drink.  Yum.

I’m hopefully going to be able to upload pix to my computer as soon as I find out why my iPhoto Library is frozen – I need technical support but without wi-fi for the Mac I can’t Skype or try to ‘chat’ with Applecare.  Frustrating, but I’m also very appreciative of the Dell computer Barb loaned me; at least I can surf and do email and banking stuff.

I spent some time this evening surfing C Class RV sales; the time I spend in mine the more I like it.  Some of the improvements I’d like to make:
* update the two large side windows and kitchen window – rubber edging, screens, locking mechanisms, etc.
* buy all new window coverings / shades – no more leveler blinds
* need to decide whether I want to replace valances or go without
* need to decide what I want to do with the drapes in the cab-over area on the small windows and also the privacy drape for the whole cab-over area and driving area
*  need better privacy screening for cab area: front windshield area and also side windows
* need new screen door – hopefully one with a more simple closing mechanism
* need new side door locks – bolt and key locks
* need shade for door window for privacy
* need cabinetry refinished
* need to check out possibilities for installation of all tile flooring / all new carpeting / other possibilities
* need more convenient plywood storage cover (couch) – maybe one that has some mechanism for holding it open when need be
* need new upholstery on couch – and possibly banquette seats too
* need exterior awnings
* need to check on possibility of storage rack on back of vehicle
* need to check on storage possibilities for roof of vehicle
* need new storage container for front driving area – one that doesn’t slip out of place and holds cans and materials securely
* may try to personalize front driving area for only one driver – maybe storage on front passenger floor area
* need to make windshield visors stay in place when not in use
* need to address mobility needs when camping in one spot:
            -electric bike