Sunday, April 7, 2013

Valle de Juarez Parade, plans for trip home, Dinner guest .......

Thursday 3/21/13

This morning was the annual Los Niños de la Primavera  (springtime children’s parade) in Valle de Juarez –– I took lots of pix.  The children and babies were absolutely adorable in their butterfly, animal and flower costumes.  All the local schools participate, also the military, high school bands and local organizations - of course, before the parade there were the speeches by the dignitary of the pueblo and an honorific for Benito Juarez for whom the pueblo is named.

I rode into town with Paula and Jerry Gale from Nova Scotia, my neighbors who live a truck camper.  I’m going to do a little studying about that type of rig as they have the use of the truck when they’re camped.

I came back and spruced up the RV, with help from my new hand vac; about a ten-minute job including dishes and putting things away!  Oh, such housework! 

Barb drove by in her little watering vehicle she uses to irrigate all the plants and trees; she mentioned the wedding tomorrow afternoon; I told her I’d love to go – Sal’s relative invited a group of us from Hacienda Contreras to attend the celebration.  Should be another great experience.

I’m doing some more study about possibly visiting Patzcuaro, San Miguel de Allende,  Guanajuato, etc.  I’d take a different route North, maybe entering into New Mexico or who knows where.  I could even go to Los Mochis and take a ferry across to La Paz – seems like lots of people have done that. 

Again I have to say I love this little town, but even here there are lots of people who have lived in Chicago (!) – It may be that, since so many people are related to Sal, they may have followed him North when the opportunity arose.  So about every fourth or fifth person (especially male) speaks English quite well.  I just answer in Spanish!

This evening I invited Renate over for dinner; it didn’t really dawn on me in the preparation but I served quite a German meal!  I made browned pork chops with a mustard cream sauce with caramelized onions and sautéed fresh mushrooms sered with sautéed cubed potatoes and brown sugar-glazed carrots.  A few chocolate chip-walnut-cranberry Mexican Wedding cookies (with pecans) finished out the menu.  [When I started to cook, I realized I was out of gas – Rats!  I just had the tank filled last week.  Jerry Gale came over and let me borrow his extra tank so I could cook dinner; tomorrow he’ll drive me into town to buy more and I’ll definitely buy some for him.  Jerry and Paula have been so helpful; I really appreciate it.  Such nice people; it would be wonderful to head up to Nova Scotia sometime – and stop in to see them.

Renate and I had a nice conversation during dinner - mainly about traveling and RV-ing.  Renate has a Class A, but it’s only about 22 feet long.  She said they don’t make the Class As that short anymore and she really loves hers.  It’s large enough to be very comfortable and small enough to maneuver easily in tight spots.

I did do some RV rearranging of ‘stuff’ in order to make the dining table really usable as a dining table!  I moved lots of unnecessary stuff to the loft and now I’ll sleep on the single bed/couch and use the loft for extraneous equipment and supplies.  Cleanup after the dinner took about ten minutes!

I did ask Renate a little more about her trip down Baja; she spent 2 and a half months traveling south (!) and said that northern Baja is very dirty – lots of refuse, etc.  I think I’m going to pass on the Baja drive, at least for this year.  I’ll give some serious thought within this next week or so about where and how I want to go from here.