Sunday, April 7, 2013

Holy Saturday, Doña Raquel's birthday, laundry ....

Holy Saturday 3/30/13

Nancy, Doug and I have been invited by the same Mexican family who invited us for almuerzo next week, to a birthday celebration for la abuela, Doña Raquel, this evening at 7.  Nancy purchased a bonsai plant in one of the fancy cement and rock planters (made locally) and we’re sharing the cost. Nice gift for a lovely little lady.  Evidently the family had also invited us for la cena when they’ll serve “la cabeza tacos,” yup made from a whole head of cow.  Nancy thanked them and said we’d only be able to make it for the cake!!!

I’ve been doing laundry today – two large loads – much of it still on the line as I type.  I  so love the smell of freshly washed and line-dried clothes.  It brings back memories of my childhood.  I’ll give them another 45 minutes to be completely dry, fresh, unwrinkled and ready to wear.

9:30pm:  We’re home from the birthday party; what a lovely experience.  The grandparents live across the street from Barb and Sal’s home in town; it’s up above the town in a residential neighborhood.  I told Nancy and Doug that this party invitation and attendance was worth my entire trip to Mexico.  Besides Doña Raquel an her husband, Jose Carlos, there was their daughter, Socurro ( divorced, from Mexico City), and her daughters Maria Fernanda and Catarina, four of her sons and their families and several other relatives were also there.  Raquel (born 1935) had five sons and then finally a daughter, Socurro.  It is such a happy and close family; I loved participating in the fiesta – March 30, 1935 – 78 years old.  Her husband is adorable; he continually tried to kiss her while we were snapping photos.  There were over 20 people attending – a happy and loving family.  I feel honored to have been included.  Although we didn’t tour the whole house it looks quite large where now only the grandparents live but they have room for all their children’s families to come and stay for visits.  During the evening, Socurro asked if I’d like to drive back to Mexico City with her and the girls next week for a visit and then take a bus back to Mazamitla where her brother would pick me up.  I told her I’d not be able to do that this year but I’d surely enjoy taking her up on her offer next year.  What a wonderful family.  Laughing, loving, noisy, happy ……

Nancy and Doug Beglaw, Doña Raquel (the birthday girl - 78) and Don Jose Maria and MP

                              Don Jose is a Latin lover - 57 years of marriage, six kids and who knows
                                              how many grandchildren and great grandchildren

                                            Those are fresh flowers on the cake

Potential plans for next year – or late this year – are beginning to form in my head.  I’d like to set Hacienda Contreras up as my Mexican ‘base of operations’ and then maybe take a bus into Mexico City and stay there for a week or so; also visit much of central and southern Mexico, the Yucatan, Guadalajara, etc, etc.  I’ll need to formulate potential plans that are workable – with options for change along the way.  Maybe I could even plan some adventures with Jeff and Alice and Kari and David and Spencer and maybe his Rachel ……


  1. Hola mi amiga!! It's always more fun to read about an event through someone else's blog!! It was a great time, wasn't it? We miss you all!!