Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last Full Day in SMA

I'm sad to be leaving tomorrow but anxious to see my family and friends - this is a very important time for my grandchildren.  For the five 13 years olds, it's the end of their 7th grade year - good work, all of you.  For my dear Holland, it's the end of four wonderful years at El Dorado High School.  Congratulations - I'll be at the ceremony, with bells on!

For Addison, my Spanish-speaking wonderful granddaughter, it's the "end of childhood - completely," as she graduates from Loyola Marymount University in May.  Then she's off on all of her planned life's adventures:  first, Europe!  Then on to a rapid-fire teaching credential to become a 3rd grade teacher in Denver for "Teach for America" for a two-year contract.  After that - graduate school?  World travel?  United Nations? ? ? ?  The sky's the limit!

And, for Quinn, this is a so exciting time for a young adult - hard at work and successfully building a solid career.  Serious boyfriend.  At 'home' about 130 miles from parents' home.  That's my Quindy.

I started reorganizing the RV for the road tomorrow - didn't take much, what with my new room arrangement.  Most storage in the loft, easily accessible but out of the way of daily living.  I feel like I'm  comfortable enough these days to know what's what in Toyota Dolphin living.  There're lots of potential repairs and improvements to be made; but I'm happy and comfortable - and so are Lacy, Eleanor and Lincoln!

My dear Nancy Beglaw ( Doug and Nancy - Vancouver Island, BC) and I did a little SMA money input therapy as we strolled, once again, through shops around the plaza - I (yikes) bought several blouses - for relatives - and myself!  I also bought another beautiful ceramic Mexico plate for my dining room plate collection.  [With all this RV living I don't even see my dining room that often]!  I also bought two pairs of the San Miguel shoes - Mary Jane style - in wildly bright colors and stripes.  One pair actually has Crayola crayons of various colors on a green background; the other is the same Mary Jane style in wild stripes of purple, chartreuse, yellow, fushia and white.

Here they are - one of each pair.

After delivering our parcels to the RVs we started getting ready for our last, and very special evening in SMA.  Doug and Nancy, Mike and Terri Church, Renate Hoven and I went to dinner at La Posidita, a lovely roof-top restaurant just around the corner form La Parroquia (the most famous landmark in SMA).

 Terri and Mike Church just outside the door to the RV Park and Tennis Club where we all stayed - and loved our visit.  It's right in the center of town, walking distance to everywhere.  Hans Weber and his family are wonderful hosts and we're all promising to come back regularly.
 Here's the dinner group at La Posadita

 The view from right over my shoulder - we arrived at about 6:45 - still daylight
 Another view as the sun started to go down

 Renate, Nancy, MP and Terri after a fabulous dinner

More pix from the restaurant as night fell:

 Views of the city ...

... as the lights go on

 ...more beautiful bouganvilla

 La Eglesia  (Church) de San Francisco
 From opposite side of rooftop restaurant

 Again from our table - lights on La Parroquia

 And a last "Adiós Señor Ignacio Allende."  This statue stands in a niche built into the corner of the house he was born in, located facing the central plaza of the city and La Parroquia - choice real estate!

 Señor Allende is a National Treasure of Mexico Independence from Spain 1828

 The group has a final "nightcap," Mexican style:  La chocolate española / frances / mexicana con los churros -
Mexican style - barely sweet, flavored with cinnamon (Mike)
Spanish style - medium sweetened, very thick (almost like a Pot de creme) (Terri, Nancy, Doug, MP)
French style - highly sweetened (Renate)

Then it was home to get worked into the mind-set of a travel day tomorrow.  Lincoln presented himself as ready to "work" getting things in order for the about 400Km trip tomorrow to Matehuala, Nuevo Leon ....