Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lincoln was out cavorting - again


Early evening - OMG I started to prepare dinner for Lacy, Eleanor and Lincoln - NO LINCOLN anywhere.  Brought back my memories of Hacienda Contreras when he waltzed out early one afternoon and came back the following night - over 24 hours!

I know cats will be cats - but today I haven't even had the door open as it's so hot I'm using the air conditioner.  How in the world did he escape?  I scoured the RV - no Lincoln.  Then I stepped outside in the close to 100 degree heat, and called.  Along came Lincoln, full of dust and some chalky looking stuff all over his head and back, hot and hungry - but home.  That rascal - he's truly an adventurer.

Thank you, Powers That Be - another rescue story about Lincoln.  You know, he has a chip but who, in Mexico, would call the 800 number????

I think I'll have him try brighter-colored yarn for his indoor knitting projects - maybe that'll keep him inside the RV better!


  1. I love that cat!! He is going to make you crazy with his disappearing acts!! Glad he came back, safe, sound and dusty!!