Thursday, April 4, 2013

St. Patrick's Day, new Pope, Malia and Samantha are teen-agers

Thursday, 3/14/2013

I cannot believe I’ve forgotten to blog / write my ten minutes for three days in a row.  I just set a daily alarm – harp playing – on my iPhone to remind myself.  It’s not as if it’s a difficult task, for Heaven’s sake!

I’m currently waiting for Victor, a carpenter in Valle de Juarez, to come and take a look at my RV for some shelving I’d like installed.  [I must think of an appropriate name for my Dolphin – Flipper, or something Spanish, or ????]  I’d like to change the usability of my only closet from a hanging closet where all the hangers fall off the rod EVERY time I move the RV, to a shelved closet – maybe three wooden shelves, giving four levels of storage.

Possible shelving discussions with Victor:
*closet – as above
*bathroom closet wall  and / or under cabinet shelf/ves for bathroom necessities
*kitchen – behind burners:  spice rack, two shelves high and deep enough for garlic powder    container
*loft – shelf at each end for books, etc.
*over window shelves?? – affixed to the bottom of the installed cabinets – problem with light fixtures – may only have one over couch in the middle of the cabinetry or???

I walked 2 miles+ on the ‘track’ around the RV park this am.  Not fast – very relaxed with stops to talk with Ruth and Kevin, both 51 years old, who’ve been adventuring since 2007.  They’re not retired; they just downsized a lot and take jobs from time to time, like this coming summer they’ll be working at a camp in Canada where they’ll be given free housing and a small salary. 
Also talked with Barb, the owner, who’s a gem and Peter and Madeline (he’s German, she’s Quebequoise), who ‘live’ next door to me.

I’m becoming interested in revamping my ‘budget;’ or should I say ‘creating’ a budget.  With my monthly income, I should be able to save some money and enjoy a lifestyle that’s quite comfortable and adventurous each and every month. 

We have a new Pope – Pope Francis – from Buenos Aires, a Jesuit.  I pray for his success in curing the Catholic Church of its many woes right now…. Pedophilia, homosexuality and the gay marriage issues, birth control, rigidity of mores, etc.

Today is Malia and Samantha’s 13th birthday.  My youngest grandchildren are teenagers!  And, Samantha became the first of the four 13 year old granddaughters to 'become a woman' if you know what I mean.  Received a newsy email from Kari last night including the fact that Avery has passed 5’10” and is on her way to her great grandmother's 6'1" cuerpo.  She’s got lots of growing time left!!!  

3/13/13    New Pope elected

3/12/13     First vote of papal conclave – black smoke – no new Pope

3/11/13     I haven't mentioned the outcome of my clumsy fall going out of the RV in Villa Corona.  Well, Sunday morning I could hardly walk,  certainly not without a considerable limp.  That body twist turned out to be a really sprained / twisted ankle - mucho swelling and all and it's more painful today than yesterday!