Sunday, April 7, 2013

Holy Thursday .... Dinner party at my "house"

Holy Thursday 3/28/13

As the days go by I get behinder and behinder in my journal / blog entries.  Today is a busy day because I’ve been asked to give a slide presentation of my experiences in Guatemala for John and Ana from Ontario.  They won’t be returning here next year but will fly to spend the winter in Malaque.  It’s a very long drive; they originally drove down for several years towing a trailer, this year they drove a van and rented a trailer from Barb and Sal.  They’re in their 80s; so it’ll be easier for them to fly.  They’re a delightful Dutch couple who’ve lived in Ontario since 1956.

Additionally I invited George, Ruth and Kevin (Canadians too – spending this coming Summer in Saskatchewan managing an RV camp) for dinner tonight – think we can all eat inside my little RV – 2 at the dinette and two on the couch!  I’m making Beef Stroganoff, rice, candied carrots and homemade applesauce for dessert – Ruth is gluten intolerant – so no wheat. 

I’m preparing dinner now (1:30ish) so I don’t have to worry about it later and the RV will have a little time to cool off.  I’ll show the slides at Happy Hour and hope to be ready to eat at about 7ish.  


  1. I loved your dinner party, and felt honored to be invited!

    Tu amigo,