Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday in San Miguel de Allende


Another beautiful day in San Miguel.

First of all I played 'cookie fairy' and delivered freshly baked "Galletas de la Boda" [Mexican Wedding Cookies] to RVs currently in the Park.  I've made these cookies for years and years - they have so many names:  Russian Tea Cakes,  Walnut Crescent Cookies; they're even called Thumbprint Cookies sometimes.....  When I lived in Guatemala I translated the recipe into Spanish for a cooking class that I gave to several Guatemalan ladies; it was so much fun.  [Since most Guatemalan homes have no oven, it's not very easy to bake cookies; but it seems where there's a will there's a way and my "students" found an horno (oven) they could use to bake these].

Early afternoon I went to a Saturday market with Nancy and Doug Beglaw, only about a block and a half from the RV Park.  It's not a real market in the sense that its offerings are the more upscale gourmet foods - aperitifs, oil and vinegar, breads and pastries, and several food stalls for great Mexican lunches.  There are also several jewelry stalls, rugs and weavings, hand and machine made clothing, embroideries, etc.  This was my second visit so I wasn't compelled to buy!  Last week I bought a souvenir calendar,  some fabulous almond bread and a few little knick-knacky things.

Later this afternoon Terri Church took Renate and me to an incredible "shopping mall" of 40 or more designer and antique furniture showrooms, art galleries and workshops.  A beautiful group of buildings surrounding courtyards, restaurants and gardens, called Fabrica La Aurora - Centro de Arte y Diseño.....  Go to:

After our visit there we went to the city center to browse in shops and then we stopped in a restaurant/bar for drinks and the most wonderful Guacamole and chips.  It has been so fantastic to meet Terri and Mike Church; they're such fun and so informative too.  They're "full-time" truck campers who will be leaving Tuesday to head to Denver and then they'll be making the long haul to Alaska for the Summer season, in order to update one of their travel guides to RV and car camping.

Traveler's Guide to Alaskan Camping by Mike and Terri Church                                              


  1. Glad that you are enjoying your time in San Miguel de Allende. It's a pretty city with some wonderful architecture. Have you gone to the Botanical/Cactus gardens yet?