Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday morning - Matehuala, San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Called and emailed Jeff last night and finally received an email response; he had a hard day of work (too bad on his birthday) but enjoyed a nice birthday dinner with his favorite people:  Alice, Malia and Samantha.  Now he's into his 53rd year!

This morning Terri and Mike left us here in Matehuala (pronounced:  MA - TA - OO- A' - LA).  There heading out of Mexico into Texas today to meet up with great friends and fellow birders to enjoy some avid birding before they head out of Texas and up to Colorado and then all the way to Alaska - where they'll visit all over the State to publish a new addition of their book re:  RV and truck camping in Alaska.

 Last minute check online in Cities and Streets for a very up to date visual of the roads for today's trip

Bye bye Terri and Mike - you're off to more fantastic adventures 

They are permanent RV-ers who keep a little casita and 'yard' in Arizona; where they can pull in, rejuvenate and reorganize for the next adventure.  They literally been all over the World; may even be in Africa next Winter Season!  A great couple; they're both (non-practicing) CPAs, who met, married, and soon thereafter decided on this travel adventure way of life.  They're highly respected for their in-depth guides for motor home, trailer and truck campers.  And, as I've mentioned before, the more I live in my little home away from home, the more I like it!

It's already hot out; I have the air conditioner on in the rig as I get up to date with this blog and I don't have much planned for this day of rest - a little swimming and sun-bathing, reading and possibly working on photos.  Hmmm, I may even work on building my Spanish verb vocabulary.  And, I always have to try to keep up to date with my Words With Friends that I play with several different family members and friends.  This looks like it'll be a very relaxing day......


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