Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday in New Mexico 4/29/13

Leasburg Dam State Park - on the Rio Grande

After I talked with the volunteer at the park headquarters office (the ranger was on his lunch break - 4PM), at her suggestion I moved into this spot and got hooked up and relaxed.  Then Renate came later and explained that the site I'm in is a one-night only site.  I can't stay in this site a second night; so I need to go to the office this AM at 9 to see if there are sites available in this park for tonight.  If not I'll need to move on.  I checked for two SPs about 100 miles West and find there are no water and electric sites available for today!

So, as of now, I may be discovering how to be a tried and true RVer when there's no available sites!!
Wal-Mart parking lots?  Truck stops?  Expensive RV parks?  We'll see what happens.....

I'm in my 'new' address - same campground, site across from where I was last night.  On issue I'm noticing is that my holding tank gauge is not registering volume of gray and black water accurately.  So, I went to the dump station this AM and completely emptied both and 'washed' them out with fresh water before closing them to go to my new 'yard'.  They're both registering that they're 2/3 full.  So, unless I can think of some other remedy, I'm not going to trust what they register and simply plan to dump every so many days.

I'm happy to be able to stay here another day - I'm going to clean house and call Jorge.  Tomorrow I'll head out for City of Rocks - only about a hundred miles and then ?????

Lacy and I went for a bike/jog this morning; she's really getting to enjoy the exercise - easy, steady pace - and I am too!

A very productive day - I reorganized "Daphne Dolphin" [I'm trying out names for my little RV - comments appreciated] one more time.  I discovered several weeks ago that using the loft 'bedroom' every night necessitated lots of work - oh that word!  So I reorganized at that time, making the loft into a storage area that I can close off (with drapes), making the whole RV appear more roomy and comfortable.

So I 'moved' my bedroom downstairs to the couch - it's actually a single bed.  That worked great, but now that I'm traveling so much I don't like to bother with setting up and taking down the dining table and banquettes.  So, for about three weeks I've been sleeping on the 'dinette' bed; it also is very comfortable.  Each morning I simply fold the bedding and then I have two couches - for Lacy, cats and me.

Well, today I decided to make some modifications giving more wiggle room while I'm driving.  The loft has a removable center section that I stacked on top of the rear portion of the loft area (the 'rear' portion being the area closest to the front window over the cab of the Toyota.  There's a 'U-shaped' area across the width of the vehicle and the two sides of the loft area.  I try to take a photo - a picture is worth a thousand words!  Now, even though it may look crowded, I know exactly where every single "stuff" is!  I can access books, vet papers, extra toiletry supplies, gifts purchased for grand kids, knitting, et al in the blink of an eye.  By removing the center section I've made it possible to jump into the 'house' from the driver's seat without having to exit the vehicle to enter through the side door.

Tomorrow will be my trial run - hopefully everything stays in place with some strategically placed bungee cords.  We'll see how it works and what more modifications may be necessary tomorrow night!
One thing I can say for sure ... this is one heck of a lot easier than rearranging a bedroom, living room, kitchen and garage in Roseville!

Here are a few pix to say "Adios" to this wonderful park ... Sunset in the desert:

 Love the play of light and shadows in the desert

 April 29th coming to a close 

 Facing east at sunset

And, just one more look ...

Happiness can be so simple.  Enjoy a sunset whenever you can.


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