Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Texas to New Mexico, Land of Enchantment April 28, 2013

4:15PM Mountain Daylight Time

I left Balmorhea state Park (off I-10) at about 9:30AM Central Daylight Time [Renate left a couple of hours later] and headed West - on I-10 Through Van Horn and El Paso, Texas and then crossed the border into New Mexico and then turned North on NM-25 to Las Cruces, where I did a little grocery shopping before heading out to Leasburg Dam State Park.  The mileage today was about 250 - that's a little long for this crew but the highway is so easy one could practically go on auto pilot!

This little RV doesn't hold much gas - and in country like this I'm not at all interested in running out; so we stop to fill up more than's absolutely necessary 'cause I usually have no clue where there'll be another station.  Also, the driving's a lot more enjoyable if we take breaks for potty walks, etc.  Once again, my 'kids' were great travelers - no complaints at all.

Boy, will I have some words of wisdom for anyone who thinks we're running out of space in the US.  This continues to be WIDE OPEN COUNTRY.  The desert just goes on and on; in some areas a little less arid but nevertheless DESERT.  The time changes to Mountain Daylight Time while you're still in Texas, before El Paso.  So Texas lies in 2 time zones - interesting!

Here are some photos of the wide open spaces of Leasburg Dam State Park ....

 Terribly overcrowded State Park!  This shot is taken from next to my RV

And, here's our campsite - each site is about a half acre!  
 All dogs are supposed to be leashed at all times - Lacy is!

$14 / day for this site - in CA it'd be about $30 in a State Park


  1. Looks like you pretty much have the place to yourself there. Your site is huge!

    We drove right by Leasburg Dam SP the day we drove to Albequerque, we took a little side trip to see Billy the Kid's "hideout" which was a bit of a dud but fun all the same. I wouldn't recommend you follow the road in there though with your motorhome, it was pretty bumpy. Here was our post that day

    Enjoy the area, wish we had had more time to explore, maybe next time.